Established in 2022

The ClymbCommunications division of Clymb Business Solutions started when Nana informed us that CenturyLink, had not come out to fix her phone lines for 3 months. She was a retiree of a company that CenturyLink absorbed – and they continued to give her the runaround and treat her like crap. After shopping around for home phone service on her behalf, we quickly realized we were trading one problem for another. So we did the sensible thing – we created our own phone company!

We wanted to give Nana Margie the very best of everything. So she could keep her precious phone lines, and never have to deal with horrible telecom providers again. We also saved her $120 a month on her phone service.

As our inspiration and initial backer, Nana Margie ensures that every customer gets treated like she does.

We invite you to join our family, like so many others. Experience a better experience with Clymb Communication.


To drive digital communication forward, without sacrificing or ignoring affordability, humanity, and our safety.


To see the VOIP become affordable, as promised. To introduce incumbent telecom providers with ferocious competition and force them to provide better support, technology, and value to their own customers


  • To Be Affordable for Everyone
  • To Be Understanding of Situations
  • To Be Accommodating to Life
  • To Drive Other Providers to Be Better
  • To Be Better than Other Providers are Being